Saturday outing to Sam Smith Park

What a great Easter holiday! Yesterday’s outing was great and today’s trip to Sam Smith just added to an already great weekend.

At Sam Smith today the weather was great (unseasonably warm), and the birds were pleased about it. The birding season is not yet at a high point, but it didn’t make the day any less enjoyable.

In the evergreens were chickadees and Gold-Crowned Kinglets, in the pond area were ducks and swans, and in the bigger lake area an interesting mix of waterfowl were found.

The catch of the day was seeing Horned Grebes. There were at least 2 males and at least one female, and they were sticking together and staying away from the other Grebes.

Before arriving at the park, I had visions of Kestrels dancing in my head. As it often happens, throughout the entire park, not one was spotted. I purposely went through the areas one might be, namely the grasslands and other areas a kestrel may perch near.

In the end, it wasn’t to be. I packed up the camera, laughing at where the !@#$ing kestrels might be, and that was that.

Within 10 seconds of driving out of the parking lot, what did I spot eyeing me from a few meters away? Yes, a kestrel. He stayed long enough for a few shots, and the day was complete.

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