Humber Arboretum – luck after many visits

Last weekend, I had a few excellent trips to the Humber Arboretum. I’ve somehow never ended up there during the spring or summer and I definitely plan on it this coming spring, but I do manage to go during the winter.

The past few visits to the arboretum, I’ve seen a wide range of smaller birds including Redpolls, Goldfinches, a Red-bellied Woodpecker, a few other woodpeckers, nuthatches, and even a group of about 6 deer.

On this pair of visits, I had the good fortune of finally catching a Screech Owl before he had a chance to hide from me (he was sleeping), which was cool. I had been at least 5 times looking for him and on this day got lucky. The screech owl in the included photos is the grey feathery thing that blends well with the tree texture.

One even more awesome sighting for me is a first in my life, seeing a Saw-Whet owl. He was perched in a tree about 7 feet high, and didn’t mind me at all. I snapped shots and enjoyed seeing this little guy, then left him to get back to his snoozing.

After seeing him I researched a bit and found out this small owl feeds on deer mice, and so it made sense he’d be where he was since there are many deer there.

Enjoy the photos and if you want to go for a nice hike in the Greater Toronto area I’d recommend this spot any time.

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