March 2020 – [Not] Birding during a pandemic

In Ontario right now and throughout the world in what will clearly be an historic time, we are being urged to ‘stay home’ and practice ‘social distancing’, a term we never faced in our lifetime but is clearly now part of our collective vocabulary.

I’m not going to the cottage, I’m not going to any parks I need to drive to, I’m not getting near anyone I don’t need. My only car drives are to buy groceries.

In this very unusual time I’m glad to do what I can to help reduce unnecessary spread of this novel coronavirus, “covid-19”.

That said, we still need to walk the dog and get some exercise, so we’re sticking to underpopulated areas of the immediate vicinity, so parks nobody is in, sidestreets, and a local golf course when the opportunity allows.

It’s on this course I was able to see a brown creeper, a red-tailed hawk nest, a golden-crowned kinglet, a Kingfisher along the creek (no photos yet as is my usual experience with Kingfishers), and coyotes which I had to protect from an ignorant person who was harassing them while the young adult’s mother stood by watching.

In this post are some photos from my nearby outings. It seems clear that this spring I won’t be out at any of my usual places to bird-watch, but I will still try to see what’s in foot distance from home.

It’s interesting to contemplate the reduced carbon footprint this ‘stay at home’ emergency situation is affording our nature. I hope the birds and wildlife benefit from it. I hope our society fights this virus successfully, but I am deeply concerned about what will unfold in the weeks and months ahead.


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