Paradise Found – Again

If you’ve read this blog for a while you know one of my favourite birding destinations, my oasis, my personal paradise, is Tiny Marsh near Georgian Bay in Ontario.

I visit the marsh year round and am always fascinated with how much it changes from one visit to the next. Somehow I seem to miss it at the best time of year – spring, but this weekend I enjoyed a great day there.

The marsh has many different areas, each offering different kinds of habitat to the inhabitants. Some birds come back for the summer, some stop by on their way farther north.

On this particular weekend, I checked the open water areas and was surprised how few Egrets or Herons were to be seen. This was fine though, and I was more excited to check the forested areas for warblers, which yielded great rewards.

From the moment I arrived I found the place peaceful and remarkably alive with all kinds of bird calls. From every direction there seemed to be a different bird calling, and most interesting was that I could hardly see any birds at all.

After working hard to slow things down (I was probably a bit stressed from the week’s pressures), I started to tune into what was around me.

Stopping in some places for a half-hour at a time, I was able to see muskrats, beavers, and many Yellow Warblers playing around together.

Roaming along a marshland boardwalk, I lucked out and followed a warbler as it went back to a nest it was building. I watched for a while as small twigs and pieces of bullrushes were brought in to the nest.

I later ventured over to the west side, and found even more species of birds to gawk at.

Eventually, I got hungry and had to leave to grab a late lunch, but if I had food I could easily have stayed till sundown, it was truly that amazing.

Overall, for a birder, it just doesn’t get much better, what an awesome day out in the bush. I think the mosquitos enjoyed it too, judging from my arms, neck and head 🙂

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