The Old Man and the Tree

If Ernest Hemingway were writing this blog, things would be a lot different. Recalling today’s excursion, he might have described the scent of the blossoms, the texture of the ground, and how he crawled on hands and knees, ever so slowly, not making a sound, to get closer to the subject of his curiosity.

Then again, it’s a holiday weekend and if Hemingway were around he probably would’ve spent it in Bimini on a patio chair drinking Gin & Tonics…

I on the other hand, spent part of the day in Toronto’s High Park. It seemed close enough for a casual walk and I figured I’d again spot the Wood Ducks.

New areas of the urban oasis were explored, and along the way I met a man. He looked a little weathered, as though he was carved from wood. He didn’t speak much and when he did his mouth didn’t seem to move at all. Under his breath I heard him say “if you stand, they shall come”.

Heeding his advice I walked to the area beside him, and stood. The longer I stood the more I heard. I soon found myself stopping and standing everywhere. Each time I did, more birds revealed themselves.

Seen today were Indigo Buntings, Mangolia and Black-throated Blue Warblers, American Redstarts, and many other more common species.

Along the way I found a nice group of Trillium. I took some macro shots, and after crawling around on the ground noticed that they were surrounded by glistening Poison Ivy. No problem, I’m pretty sure I’m immune…

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