Humber Arboretum – Great Horned Owls

Today the weather wasn’t really supposed to cooperate according to the meteorologists, and so a nearby trip was planned given lighting might not be ideal. As it turned out the sun came out, and a great day was have following Great Horned Owls around.

The Humber Arboretum has proven to be an excellent place for nearby outings this winter, and today was one of the best visits.

Upon arrival, we saw the usual suspects, and shot the red-bellied woodpecker, some nuthatches and of course the friendly chickadees were there too.

Some time later we ran into a friend Mike we keep seeing there, and he was on the hunt for not one, but two Great Horned Owls. We were all too happy to help with the search and were rewarded!

We were able to see both a male and female, and managed to see them at a few different locations in the lowlands where they were perched high enjoying the sun.

We also went and visited the resident Saw-whet owl, and otherwise enjoyed a great walk on a sunny Saturday.

As for Great Horned Owls, I got interested as my suspicions were that these two were mating. I researched the timeframe and it appears and of January is about right for mating, so in the weeks to come these two will likely find themselves a good spot to nest and rear their young.

Ah yes, another great day in our frigid winter here in Ontario, gotta love it!

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