Worth the look

Today three locations were visited, the plan was a quick scouting trip to see what was shaking in a few places. The whole journey took a few hours, what was seen was well worth the trip.

Songbirds were the first to appear, and things were otherwise very quiet. Some time later a hawk was heard then seen, being antagonized by a crow.

In the same area, a juvenile Bald Eagle was spotted down an embankment perched on a tall tree. An adult was near and made a quick fly-by. Some time later the juvenile flew off and was seen catching prey from unfrozen water.

A waterfowl area was visited next, lots of mallards and some Trumpeter Swans among others.

On the return leg one stop was made to a provincial park where a long-eared owl was spotted, along with a few other interesting species.

Needless to say this was an excellent day. The weather was as perfect as a January day can be. It was an experience to see so many species of birds, and clearly the bald eagles were the highlight for me.

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