Barred Owl in Guelph

Today I had a nice and also lucky outing at Guelph Aboretum. I’ve read reports the past few weeks about a Barred Owl being spotted in the area and after failing to locate one in another park after at least 5 visits, I thought I’d try Guelph today.

A number of birder/photographers were walking around aimlessly, none of us sure where to look. We had faith it was here though, so the looking continued.

I had the good fortune to run into a few people. One dog-walker steered me to the rough area he thought I should look. There, I met up with another photographer, and we agreed to split up and try different areas, I told him I’d whistle if I found anything.

Eventually, this gent located me and said “I found it”, and we went to see. The owl wasn’t where he thought it had been, but eventually we found it, and watched with fascination.

Within about 1/2 hour, we were treated to a show as the Barred Owl hunted for and caught a mouse. He ate it whole, and all the while we watched and snapped shots.

Thanks to the gent “Grenfell” that helped me out, I had walked a large portion of the wild lands, and in the end the Owl was near where I parked, which is perhaps not unexpected 🙂

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