Catching up with the marsh

The birds in this post have been nesting on my laptop for a few weeks and I’m finally getting around to sharing them. Over the Canadian May 2-4 weekend I managed two trips to Tiny Marsh and I must say, it was probably the best birding I’ll do all year!

Tiny Marsh is my go-to spot for birding, and towards the end of May it’s just amazing the variety you can witness there. I honestly believe standing around in the marsh at this time of year can make a birder out of anyone, and can keep even the most experienced birders on their toes.

During one of my two visits to the marsh, I found a narrow path surrounded by various blooming trees, and I swear I stood in the exact same spot for over an hour just watching and listening to the activity around me. For all the shots I got there are even more birds I could hear but not see.

Simply put, an excellent outing!

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