Fall Road Trip into Farm Country

Thanksgiving weekend was the perfect time to take advantage of the holiday downtime and see some of southern Ontario’s fall foliage.

Leaving Toronto somewhat early in the day (well, early for a night owl enjoying a long weekend) allowed for a few hours of wonderful morning light. This light brought out the vibrant hues of the changing leaves, a scene complimented by a nice mix of cloud cover that was blowing through.

Many roads were marked as “Unassumed Road: Use at own risk”, my favourite kind indeed.

Along the way a large group of Sandhill Cranes were spotted foraging and sparring in a field, with more landing every few minutes.

The autumn leaves are now nearing peak colours. In the greater Toronto area there’s another week or so before they peak, but farther north, right now is a great time to go.

While it may not be thrilling to have a sudden chill in the air, the brilliance of fall helps make the transition to winter more enjoyable.

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Photography by Mathew Rossi | 2000 - 2023 All Rights Reserved

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