Etobicoke Creek with a 50

Getting ready to go for a fall hike along the creek, I would normally get my backpack ready with a range of lenses, and head out. This time, I decided to use a minimalist approach, and left the bag behind. Armed with only a camera and one 50mm prime lens (ie only one focal length),... Continue Reading →

Fall Road Trip into Farm Country

Thanksgiving weekend was the perfect time to take advantage of the holiday downtime and see some of southern Ontario's fall foliage. Leaving Toronto somewhat early in the day (well, early for a night owl enjoying a long weekend) allowed for a few hours of wonderful morning light. This light brought out the vibrant hues of... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Seasons

In one month, it's amazing how much the landscape changed. Shots were re-taken from 2 previous locations, one being Tiny Marsh, the other Hockley Valley. The first winter outing was an interesting one. Temperatures were -10 celcius and nearly two feet of snow fell in the Georgian Bay region. The terrain at Tiny Marsh proved... Continue Reading →

Photography by Mathew Rossi | 2000 - 2023 All Rights Reserved

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