Halfway Lake Provincial Park

I don't camp as much as I once did, but it was nice to head north for a few days of peace and quiet. The chosen destination: Halfway Lake Provincial Park located about an hour north of Sudbury Ontario. Shortly after arrival at the park, a few of the locals could be heard making noise.... Continue Reading →

Paradise Found – Again

If you've read this blog for a while you know one of my favourite birding destinations, my oasis, my personal paradise, is Tiny Marsh near Georgian Bay in Ontario. I visit the marsh year round and am always fascinated with how much it changes from one visit to the next. Somehow I seem to miss... Continue Reading →

Spitting in the Wind

If you live in Ontario, you've likely figured out that when it comes to frigid winter temperatures, you basically have two choices: 1. Stay warm & lazy indoors or 2. Bundle up and get out there. Today, urged on by cabin fever, I chose to brave the cold and enjoy the great outdoors! The temperatures... Continue Reading →

Fall Road Trip into Farm Country

Thanksgiving weekend was the perfect time to take advantage of the holiday downtime and see some of southern Ontario's fall foliage. Leaving Toronto somewhat early in the day (well, early for a night owl enjoying a long weekend) allowed for a few hours of wonderful morning light. This light brought out the vibrant hues of... Continue Reading →

Life imitating art

Taking tens of thousands of photos a year, one can find themself both developing a style, as well as perhaps sticking to the same kinds of things. Reflecting on my favourite photography subjects I realized I can sometimes be too literal with my shots. "This is a hawk, that is a bug on a flower".... Continue Reading →

Revisiting a favourite spot

Turning the calendar to August, my mind started wandering to past adventures. This summer hasn't been great so far due to weather and other things happening with life, but it's only August, and there's hopefully enough time for more outings. Looking through my photo archives I was suprised to find some overlooked panoramas taken at... Continue Reading →

My Oasis

It doesn't matter if life is going smoothly or throwing you a few curveballs, it's nice to have a place you can go to clear your head. One place I like to visit year round is Tiny Marsh near the shores of Georgian Bay. The last time I was at the marsh there was still... Continue Reading →

Save our Boreal Birds

Spring is well underway! Trees are sprouting leaves and blooms, and with this transition come new species of birds as they either return to Southern Ontario to breed, or continue further north to their boreal forest breeding grounds. Compared to just a week ago, there's an obvious increase of species in town. Today during another... Continue Reading →

Back in time over Toronto

A few months ago I found a very interesting blog called Toronto Before and have followed it ever since. The blog author, Alden Cudanin, updates it regularly with new/old perspectives of Toronto, often asking if people can figure out where a photo was taken. Last week I saw a few posts about the old Palace... Continue Reading →

Spring at the Marsh

Spring officially arrived on March 20th, and it was a great day to be outside! Over the past few weeks things have started to change for the better. Snow is slowly melting away, ice is starting to thaw, and bird activity has picked up in many places, especially around open waters. I headed into two... Continue Reading →

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