Snakes on a plain

I'll be honest, photo-wise, not all trips are worthwhile. Changing weather, poor light, or just bad choice of locations can leave me with nothing more than some fresh air & exercise, and outings like this are more frequent than you'd guess. Luckily, every so often a day turns out far more rewarding than I expect... Continue Reading →

Wood Ducks in High Park

I've been near Wood Ducks on many occasions, but haven't often managed to get very close. In wilder areas like a northern marsh they don't usually like the attention of people, but today was a little different. Tuning into a birding forum on the web, I was excited to learn that a pair of Wood... Continue Reading →

Spring at the Marsh

Spring officially arrived on March 20th, and it was a great day to be outside! Over the past few weeks things have started to change for the better. Snow is slowly melting away, ice is starting to thaw, and bird activity has picked up in many places, especially around open waters. I headed into two... Continue Reading →

Urban Wildlife – Foxes

It's amazing what you can find in your own backyard!. On my condo property, there's a mix of wildlife. Over the past few years I've seen owls, rabbits, birds of all sorts, cats including our local urban lioness, squirrels, and every so often I catch a glimpse of foxes. I often notice the foxes at... Continue Reading →

Worth the look

Today three locations were visited, the plan was a quick scouting trip to see what was shaking in a few places. The whole journey took a few hours, what was seen was well worth the trip. Songbirds were the first to appear, and things were otherwise very quiet. Some time later a hawk was heard... Continue Reading →

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