Almost time for the winter camo

The summer was a great time for photography. Many warm days were spent hiking and finding new areas to see all kinds of nature. I’m now realizing how easy it is to take the warm weather for granted.

Sub-zero temperatures today remind me of last winter, which included many days spent outside, camera in my jacket, frozen feet, cursing the cold. Yes, it’s once again the time to start planning the winter outings.

Reviewing local birding reports, it seems owls are back in Ontario for the winter.

The plan this year is to visit new places (scoped out during the summer), snowshoe in, find a good vantage point, and blend into the scenery with the help of some camouflage attire.

Last winter a number of species were spotted, including Great Horned, Eastern Screech, and Barred Owls (in the wild), and a Snowy Owl in captivity at Mountsberg Conservation area.

And so begins the season of sub-zero birding. Camo attire, long-johns and a thermos of coffee. If past experience is any indication, with some patience and a little luck, the adventures will be very rewarding.

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