1st Annual Yorkville Exotic Car Show

This morning I was planning to run errands, but then I remembered the First Annual Yorkville Exotic Car show was on. There’s not much that would deter me from going to see Porsches and Ferraris spanning 7 decades of design excellence, so of course, I went. Did I mention there would be Porsches?

I’ve been in love with Porsches since I can remember. It started with the 911 Turbo Carerra, and over time I started appreciating the initial designs as well, especially the “bathtub” style 1950’s Porsches. The 911 series has obviously continued on and presented stunning models ever since.

And then there’s Ferrari. Hand made. Hand stitched. Track tested. Perfect. Ferrari clearly has a very unique red paint, it’s like no other colour, so vibrant, like it’s wet. The Ferrari models on display included the Testarossa, Enzo, 16M Scuderia, and so many more.

The <a target=”blank” href=”http://www.yorkvilleexotics.com”>Yorkville Exotic Car Show</a> was sponsored by Porsche, Ferrari, and supported the Sick Kids Foundation.

This show was awesome. I hope it takes place each year and grows. Thanks to all the owners who allowed their cars to be on display. Clearly, the owners of all these vehicles take extraordinary pride in these works of art.

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