Snowy Owls in Simcoe

Today on the way farther north I was so excited given the sunny weather and warmer temperatures, to take a look around in Simcoe County for owls.

Some solid efforts at looking turned out to be well worth the time, as we found 2 Snowies during our travels.

To find these beauties you need to consider that they like tundra, and in southern Ontario the closest to tundra that we have are big open fields on flat land.

Snowy owls will utilize lookout perches when hunting, and in early morning or late afternoon their prey create long shadows on the ground. Snowies can often be seen sitting on irrigation machines, or other perches near expanses of field, waiting for their prey.

During today’s visit I got lucky and watched one of the owls wretch and eventually regurgitate two pellets. These pellets are the parts of their prey that can’t be digested.

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