Awesome Antigua

While Canada isn’t having a very bad winter this year, it was still awesome to get away at the start of the year, and the location of choice was Antigua. Staying at The Verandah Resort, it was nice to go along with a local phrase ‘sail fast, live slow’.

The resort itself was beautiful, and other parts of the island were gorgeous as well. On the resort itself there was a wide range of natural features including an abundance of plant life and birds.

Venturing away from the resort, a catamaran cruise was taken from St. Johns along the west coast to Cades Reef for some snorkeling. From the resort itself it was easy to walk to Devil’s Bridge to see some wild crashing waves, and in the other direction was Long Bay, where there were vendors and more snorkeling.

At night in the resort was a loud sound that was a mix of crickets and tree frogs. After some hunting with a video light I caught some of the little guys with the camera, which was fun in itself. I also had some fun taking night shots of palm trees, I was pleased with the results.

All in all, this part of the Caribbean was a first for me, and I was very glad to have brought my cameras! I definitely expect to go back.


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