Red-tailed Hawk Hunting

During a warmer than seasonable Sunday in December, it was high time to get out for a local hike. Of course my go-to spot for this is along the Etobicoke Creek. I often skip bringing the camera and just enjoy what I see along the way, but I had been reading some advanced photography tips... Continue Reading →

Some local graffiti art

On a bike ride near home one day I spotted some rather impressive graffiti in an area where city staff don't bother to paint over it. I was so impressed that I went back a second time with the camera to capture some of this great work. I can't read all the text but regardless,... Continue Reading →

Revisiting a favourite spot

Turning the calendar to August, my mind started wandering to past adventures. This summer hasn't been great so far due to weather and other things happening with life, but it's only August, and there's hopefully enough time for more outings. Looking through my photo archives I was suprised to find some overlooked panoramas taken at... Continue Reading →

Mixed Macro

For some reason, many macro photos I shoot tend to stand on their own rather than fitting into a story of any sort. I shoot macros regularly, sometimes when something catches my eye during a hike, other times I go indoors and set up a backdrop with multiple light sources. Here's a few recent shots... Continue Reading →

Going to town with tubes

Roaming around in natural areas, there's usually a long lens on the camera always at the ready for any birds I might come across. In the camera bag are a range of items including a flash I rarely use, a teleconverter, macro lenses and a relatively new add-on, extension tubes. Having a 400 or 500mm... Continue Reading →

Panoramas from a new perspective

Shooting panoramas is a rewarding undertaking. Use a tripod, meter to avoid blowing out the highlights, set your shutter and aperture, and plan the composition you want for the vista. Carefully shoot, making sure to overlap images by at least 20% from the previous shot. Be careful to follow a horizon line to avoid distortion... Continue Reading →

Lunar Eclipse

In February 2008 a lunar eclipse took place over the course of a few hours. The combination of telephoto zoom lens and 1.4x teleconverter, along with the "crop format" digital sensor of the camera, gave an equivalent of over 900mm's of focal length. With windchill the temperature was equal to -20C. Miraculously, the camera managed... Continue Reading →

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